Conversations With Black Doctors

The Austin Black Physicians Association (ABPA) is excited to share important information to help improve the health of the Black community.  

In light of recent activities, we all have an obligation to educate ourselves and share this with other people of color. Our goal is to decrease the health disparities that exist today in our population.

Please let us know if you have topics or questions you’d like us to address in the series.

Conversations With Black Doctors: Diabetes

Suggested Resources: 

American Diabetes Association 

Path to Wellness Wheel


Conversations With Black Doctors: Eating Disorders

Suggested Resources: 

Conversations With Black Doctors: Back to School 2021

Conversations With Black Doctors: Depression

Suggested Resources:

Psychology Today

 Conversations With Black Doctors: Preventing Lung Cancer


 Conversations With Black Doctors: Preparing for Your Doctor’s Visit

 Conversations With Black Doctors: Cervical Cancer Screening


Conversations With Black Doctors: Giving Patient Instructions



Conversations With Black Doctors: COVID-19 Vaccination Myths and Facts



Conversations With Black Doctors: Advice for Pregnancy

Suggested Resources:

Black Mamas ATX-


Black Mamas Matter:

Every Mother Counts:

Conversations With Black Doctors: Patient Self Advocacy & Requesting Second Opinions

Suggested Resources:

Facebook Post 

News Story

Conversations With Black Doctors: Moving Health Equity Forward: Tips for Resiliency


 Conversations with Black Doctors: Talking about GERD, more than heartburn

Suggested Resources:

Mayo Clinic

Stanford Healthcare

The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School

Conversations With Black Doctors: Breastfeeding Basics for Black Mamas

 Suggested Resources:

La Leche


Mom’s Place

Kelly Mom

Black Mamas ATX

The Challenges of Breastfeeding as a Black Person


Conversations With Black Doctors: Return to Learn, Choosing Safety at School 

Suggested Resources:

Conversations with Black Doctors: Obesity

Conversations with Black Doctors: Hypertension

Suggested Resource:

Conversations with Black Doctors: Disparities in Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetes

Suggested Resource:

Conversations With Black Doctors: Disparities in Our Mental Health

Suggested Resources:

Conversations With Black Doctors: COVID-19

Suggested Resources:

Texas Department of State Health Services

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

COVID-19 Community Resources

Austin Public Health Contact
Phone: 512-974-2000 or 311


These videos are not intended to provide medical advice or to replace a visit to a healthcare professional. We strongly encourage you to reach out to an ABPA member physician to discuss your personal medical needs. Use our “Find a Doctor” feature to help locate a specialist in the Central Texas area. If you need immediate medical assistance, please go directly to the Emergency Room or call 911.